Welcome to MNIA

The classes are free but your proper commitment is a must.
Students can only register for Arabic 1, Arabic 2 and Arabic 3 at this point.
Advanced classes have no room at this point.
You will only be accepted in program if you pass the interview and commitment questionairre.

You must read following information if you are going to be the student in this "Arabic for Quran" program

  • Gender & Seating: These Classes are for Adults only and both genders are welcome to attend. Seating arrangement are made according to Islamic guidelines
  • Fees: There are no fees involved except payments for books but you must complete your homework every week and you must attend all classes (minus emergencies, sickness).
  • Teachers: All classes are divided among Br Ahmed, Br Abdalla Orabi, Sr Sadaf, Br Mashood & Arabic 7 students.
  • Levels: Class Levels should fit to all kind of beginner and intermediate Level students
  • Location: All of these classes take place at Muslim Community Center (MCC - Masjid ar Rahman) in Bloomington. Address: 8924 old cedar road, Bloomington, MN 55425
  • Duration: Classes are 3 and half hours long. This includes reading/speaking practice time, where applicable. Prayer times are seperate
  • Holidays: There will be NO classes generally on the weekends of national holiday and Eid weekends.
  • Attendance: you must attend all classes (minus emergencies, sickness). You should inform at email/sms/phone numbers shared with you on first day of classes if you need to miss a class
  • Emergencies: If you must miss first day of class or any classes in rest of term due to urgencies, you should inform ahead of time (as much as possible) to arrange for a make up class.
  • Homework: Doing your homework and 13 weeks of commitment are a must. 13th week is the final exam's week.
  • Make up: We will try to offer Make up classes if you miss your class due to attending al-Maghrib or similar seminars in twin cities however there is no guarantrees as it is very hard to factor this in our schedules as volunteer teachers.
  • Waiting List: If class of your interest fills up early (and link is deactived above), please add your name to the waiting list here. you will be contacted if spots open up (even within first 2 weeks of new term otherwise you will be informed for next term's registration (starting Oct. 2015)
  • Class Info: Books and Individual class info are provided here
  • Final Exam: Last day of classes: Final Exams will be held Mid December 2015.
  • All of your teachers do their best to help, however we are all volunteers and have our deficiencies here and there. We humbly request your forgiveness